"I'm trying to explore the loss of privacy to the media and the nature of truth as seen in the media today. When we watch a documentary, is it true? Is reality TV true? Or what if we just see a little snippet of something on YouTube – how much is a matter of context? On the one hand, we may be getting more finicky about the truth in terms of asking for context; but on the other hand, we are more cavalier, because now people say we are living in ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake news’ has become ubiquitous. Still, all of this matters only when there is a real human story at the heart of it all.”

BIKINI MOON is a film that is dominated by its rigorous documentary style. This is something Manchevski believes all viewers have a keen critical instinct for: “Reality TV is a perfect example of how easy ‘truth’ is to manipulate – as are documentaries, for that matter. And in the last several years, we are all living inside our own mediated bubbles, we see people being immersed in their own various aspects of telling the truth. Every single one of us walks around with a camera in their pocket and can make ‘what really happened’ accessible in seconds – but we have less real truth, less wisdom.

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